Our Business

As  parts of our long life commitment, PT Prima Multi Cipta always innovate and preserved our service to the highest level. We will focus our customer solution, not the problem, therefore there are business we work together with. In line with technology improvement in global business, we improve our integrated services, so all of our partner and customer will impacted with all the value added we bring.

Mail Room

Mail Room is PT Prima Multi Cipta newest feature and service. This service is design to make our partner easier and effortless to receive, sort, keep, and delivery any mail or package to anywhere outside the office. The mail or package safekeeping can be done in the partner office or in our secured warehouse, so it will save a lot of cost. Opening this new service would also made our integrated process value implemented in our partner place, to make sure all of cost and resources is significantly reduced. 




Courier services for document pick up and delivery are our most superior services. All of the employee has been given special skills, training and the best transportation modes, made our courier services reliable in all cities around Indonesia especially Jakarta and Jabodetabek. The courier services which we provide not only reliable, but we also will do it rapidly. If in any circumstances the document was not able to be delivered, we will give you follow-up to deliver those, As Soon As Possible (ASAP). The main ingredients on this business is rapid, competitive pricing and effectiveness of a delivery order. 



This services comes to answer partner problem in limitation of space to keep any merchandise or product, but the partner do not have sufficient space. Our warehousing service is designed to keep any merchandise or product from enormous dimension to small one securely and preserved. Partner can keep their product or merchandise in our warehouse and directly deliver the product or merchandise to the customer or trusted partner. This would bring a great value to the partner where you won’t have to provide any room or any staff to do the safe keeping process. All of those benefit would significantly reduced the cost related to warehousing process within the partner.

Staff Sourcing

PT Prima Multi Cipta also provide well trained outsourcing staff to do the mailing and courier related works. With all traditions and our perfections in the customer delivery, our outsourcing staff would give a huge value added for your daily processing. Rate that we provided is pretty competitive in the market, and all the investment on our outsourcing worth to values we bring to your company. 

Our Achievements

Every customer has their own needs and priority, we will gave you the best to meet your appetite. Even, more customer would bring us deliver the best service in logistic and courier, being the best is simply our mission.