A brand new partnership with a reputable national hospital

New outsource partner Cirebon Pertamina Hospital (Rumah Sakit Pertamina Cirebon)

Contract Signing Process in RS Pertamina Cirebon

Contract Signing Process in RS Pertamina Cirebon

Like in football match, a good team would always be breed their own players to achieve the best result in every games. Nevertheless, a team still needs a game changer to make sure the winning on hand. There were PT Prima Multi Cipta came, as a game changer, to make sure the productivity and work output increased significantly. Certainly, these effort would come to a good result when “all the players” inside the team cohesively working in a smart manner. 

Outsourcing business as one of PT Prima Multi Cipta line of business, start to shining trough all over business in PT PMC (Red : PMC other business such as courier, warehouse and mailing room). As of now, we all preparing for a team of people to be specialized in several industries, such as banking, hospitality and accounting. To breed the best possible player to be substituted to customer site.

It is very proud to announce that we have got a new partnership with one of most reputable hospital nation wide, Pertamina Hospital in Cirebon.