About Us

Our mission is becoming the best integrated logistic company which will be the main choice for company or worldwide customer. Based on what we do, we always do business by our three core values : 

Harry P Irooth
Our Valued Leader

Prima Multi Cipta (PMC) have integrated process for courier services, Storage/Warehouse, Mailing Room, Outsourcing Staff. Currently, we support almost all banks, private company, consumer goods, and also government of Indonesia. 

Our experience since 1980, made us steps ahead in courier services, Storage/Warehouse, Mailing Room, Outsourcing Staff. With our integrated process, every will make sure that customer will get the best experience and values. 

We also have 24 hours stand by operator, to make sure all of your business taken care in no time.

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Vision and Mission

The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.– Helen Keller
American author, political activist, and lecturer

Our vision

Provide the best integrated logistic solutions to the customers, 


Our Mission

Becoming the best integrated logistic solutions enterprise partner and retail customer.

Our Commitment and Values

A company without values like a company without soul, we prefer to be one with a soul and spirit. The soul and spirit to serve out customer in the best way.

Customer Oriented Value

We must give value added to customer by simplify the process regarding to delivery process, tracking process, and warehousing process.


We always give the best service for the progress of our business partner and becoming the solution in partner business development.


We always treat our employee as our valuable asset to give customer the best experience in logistic processing.